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Welcome to the website of GVS Consult, the international operating title consulting firm on highest standard. If you are an honorable individual that has achieved a certain grade of professional, social and ethic distinction and if you want to substantially increase your current status by acquiring a legitimate title of nobility you are about to enter the webpage which can help you putting your goals into reality.

Some title-peddlers may keep on telling you that it is very easy to become a titled personnage. We strongly assure you that it is not. Acquiring a real title is like moving through the eye of a needle.

GVS Consult is acting as an intermediary between individuals that are willing and entitled to transfer or grant titles and individuals who want to achieve such a title. Through our firm, ambitious and suitable clients can acquire legitimate and high-value nobility titles. Once our management has decided to accept your application, we will advise you which title suits you and your goals and our international team of specialists will provide you with detailed information.


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