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German Title of Nobility

Become a Baron/ess, a Count/tess or a Prince/ess - Service for wealthy Clients

Members of Germany's historical nobility up to the Royal Rank offer the rare opportunity to acquire a genuine title of nobility. If you were not born into the noble class, you can acquire a highly prestigious German nobility title by adoption, marriage or, for your firm or product, licensing by a legal title-holder.

Legal Background

Let us cite German nobility expert Gilbert von Studnitz, a member of one of Germany's most ancient noble families, about the German nobility today: "Since 1919, according to the German republican government, the nobility no longer exists as a legal entity. Nevertheless, the titles and noble designations of the nobility have not been abolished and may still be carried. Legally they are now parts of the family name. Current law allows a person adopted by a noble to use the noble family name, and since the title is considered part of the name, that is also conveyed by marriage".

Available Titles

GVS Consult exclusively represents more than eighty German noble individuals and families up to the royal rank. At disposal are some of the greatest and oldest titles and names of Europe's historical nobility:

The Available titles are:

  • Baron, Baroness
  • Freiherr, Freifrau (German Baron)
  • Count, Countess (German Graf)
  • Prince, Princess

The fees move from the five to six digit range.

All Titles are genuine and provable

All titles are genuine and provable. Proofs of genuineness include notarized copies of birth-certificates and passports as well as extracts from the official German nobility compilation. A nobility title can be carried instead of or in addition to the current name. Transmission of the title to all children is possible. The husband respectively wife of the title purchaser automatically acquires the right to carry the title and name as well.

Perfect legal Transmission - Costs

Transmission of all titles is carried out by experienced and specialized attorneys. All fees are paid to the account of a notary or attorney from where they are forwarded to us only upon fulfillment of certain contractual guarantees. The whole procedure takes about 4-6 months. The fees move from the five to six digit range.

Noblesse oblige…

These titles are also not sold to anyone who is able to pay the fee. On the contrary, GVS Consult only recommends appropriate individuals who can really fill out their prospective rank.

Please be kind enough to return the completed application form, if you are interested in a title which guarantees you the rise to the highest spheres of society. We will evaluate its content and contact you as soon as possible.


1. Please be kind enough to return the completed online contact-form. We kindly ask you also to describe your goals and motivations connected with your desire to acquire this title. We will contact you for further details like general and pricing information.

2. If you agree in written form with pricing and general information we kindly request a detailed curriculum vitae. Then you will receive descriptions (origin, history, heraldry etc.) of the titles that come into question. Please note that we will not disclose the names of the noble families at this point. These will only be disclosed upon submittance of a bank statement that you are able to pay the mentioned sum.

Please do not contact us if you should not be able to agree with these conditions.
PLEASE NOTE: We won't give any information to anonymous persons.

Privacy statement: All of your personal details, data, documents and orders are treated in the most confidential way.

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